Saturday, July 30, 2016

Jenny's observations day 2 (global mamas day)

7/29 9:16 pm
Today was a fill your heart kind of day.  Although the hour drive to crossover took 2 1/2 hrs due to chads directional overconfidence and the "rough" road we accidentally found ourselves on, our hearts melted as we pulled up to the school.  It was not far from a USC marching band welcome.  We drove up the road at a snails pace engulfed by the 300 crossover students singing, dancing and playing their drums.  As we got out of our truck the  kids literally pinned us against it.  They just wanted to touch us and hold our hand.  They were willing to settle for a finger and when no fingers were left they settled for an elbow.  When we knelt down to give the little ones hugs, they copied us and knelt down too (not understanding the hug gesture).  They were enamored with savannahs long hair and wanted to touch it.  Most all the students have shaved hair.  We wanted to see the school but walking with all of our new best friends attached to us was like an octopus trying to walk out of water.  Jacob was especially slow as he had the most.  Kids are usually drawn to his spirit and these kids caught his vibe in a matter of seconds.  Savannah and I had the little tiny ones attached to us and it really felt like we were getting more out of it than they were.  I can't wait to go back and spend more time with them tomorrow.  Side note: crossover has 100% of its graduating 8th graders go on to get scholarships to high school.  If they don't have the grades by 7th grade they go to a vocational school.  Dave really requires his students to study hard and it was so good to have our kids hear those words. No messin around and definitely no excuses for these former slave orphans.

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