Friday, August 23, 2013

The Summit

For those of you who don't know Tom Ferry, he owns the largest real estate coaching business in the world.  His company, Your Coach, coach's the top real estate agents all over the world (

This week, he held his big Summit where 3500 real estate agents from around the world converged on the Anaheim Convention Center in California to recharge their batteries, discuss strategy, implementation, etc.  Tom & his beautiful wife Kathy agreed to help Crossover via their Summit this week.

So, our 4 kids, Michael Ferry, Steven Ferry, Jacob Cooper & Savannah Cooper spent 6 hrs/day for 4 days selling T-Shirts at the Summit (these T-Shirts were generously sold to us at BELOW cost by Eddie Chavez and Ei-LO, once again, Eddy to the rescue!).

Tom even invited the kids on stage on Thursday and asked them about what they were doing for Crossover, why they were doing it, etc. (See video below).  And lo and behold, we raised over $15k for Crossover!

I continue to be blown away by people and how they have stepped up to the plate to help out those who are less fortunate than we are.  Let's run through the list real quick (in no particular order):

Tom & Kathy Ferry, Michael & Steven Ferry, Jacob & Savannah Cooper, Eddy Chavez, Genevieve Gwei (iDirect, who donated thousands of dollars worth of satellite equipment), Josh Cohen (iDirect), Tzvika Zaiffer & SkyVision (who donated 12 months of Internet Service), Ron Fineman & James Suarez from Fineman Suarez (who donated $5k at the Summit!!!), Laurie Eastman, Claude Yacoel.

I am sorry if I missed anyone, but my point is help keeps coming from where it isnt expected, which makes it so cool.  These people open their eyes and their hearts and want to help.  The children of Crossover thank you!

Here is the link to the video:

and some pics...

we also created a website through GoFundMe that allows for people to make donations, here is the link: 

Thank You!!