Sunday, May 5, 2013

blog stats

I just checked the blog stats and I am floored! check out the different countries that have viewed the blog! if you have forwarded the link out to any of these places, thank you! stay tuned to the blog tomorrow...should be a doozy, it will be my last visit with Crossover and likely to be an emotional one. There was a snack bar at the Pegasus debate yesterday (and yes, Pegasus won) and the snack bar raise about $300, all of which is being used for a feast tomorrow, enough chicken & rice for the kids to get seconds (and thirds if they are still hungry)!

more pics & video

Crossover students after their bread & Nutella treat
Baboons on the side of the road driving from Accra to Akosombo

This is the computer lab/library/equipment room/Dave's office.  

This was one of my little helpers...he demanded he carry my water bottle around for me all day

 This is the Crossover student body singing "Peg-A-SOOS"...Pegasus is Crossover's sister school in Huntington Beach, CA., where Jim Conti is a teacher/debate coach/star, and where my son Jacob goes to school
 This is the girls "dorm".  My stupid question "There are 120 girls at Crossover, I only see like 20 mats, why is that?"  Dave's response "No, no, 5 or 6 girls can fit on each mat."  Wow
Cute little guys in the classroom/boys dorm

This is my daughter, Savannah, whose team took second place last night in their dance competition!  So sorry I missed it Savannah!!
Sorry, First place, taking home the GOLD!!  and the hardware to prove it