Monday, July 18, 2016

Going to Ghana, Part 2

So here we are, three years after my first trip to Ghana.  We are currently 7 days out from trip # 2 only this time, I have my wife Jenny in tow with our kids, Jacob (17 yrs old) and Savannah (14 yrs old).  I wasn't going to Blog about the trip again but I've had numerous people ask me to so I figured why not.

Right now our living room is littered with 6 duffel bags full of 500 t-shirts, 12 laptops, school supplies, 300 sky lanterns and other miscellaneous items.  Eddy Chavez, a good friend of mine, donated the t shirts (again), this time they have the Crossover logo, etc.  The Pharris family donated 5 huge duffel bags to stuff all this into.

If you aren't already following us on Instagram, you can @wingsforcrossover.  My kids will be managing the Instagram account and posting photos and videos of the trip.

When I first got involved in Wings for Crossover w Jim Conti, a big part of it was for my kids. While there is/was no direct impact for my kids, I hoped that someday we would take this trip as a family and that it would open their eyes to what they have and how lucky they are to have been born into the life they were born into.  For many reasons, we live in the greatest country in the world.  It may be difficult to see it at times (mostly because our politicians suck, on both sides).  But we do.  And until you travel to other parts of the world, its easy to take what we have for granted (we are the land of the free because of the brave!).

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