Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Arrived in Ghana

So we arrived on time in Accra, the capital city of Ghana.  Bribery is alive and well at the airport...we paid $50 to have our 11 bags ignored going through customs.  I chalked it up to donating to the entrepreneurial spirit in Accra. After spending about an hour renting a truck we decided to buy a bunch of food for the kids to eat on our arrival.  However, we didn't expect it to take us 90 minutes to find the food (think huge swam meet) or another 90 minutes to get on the highway.  All said and done, we got to our hotel around 3pm and Jim said school gets out around 3 so we should just relax at our hotel and come to the school early.  So we hit the pool, had a few beers (not the kids) and ended up eating dinner at 5pm. Me and the kids each had Goat Soup.  Everyone liked it but it was a bit spicy for the kids and they didn't love the meat.  Jenny ordered a special Tilapia dish but when it came she could barely look at it.  The consistency was similar of something you'd see out of the Ghostbusters movie (Snotty andGooey):  very slimy and according to Jenny, wholly inedible (we even saw a few dry heaves for the efforts she put it). After dinner, we were supposed to shower and meet in our room to play cards but pretty much everyone passed out, which is why I am writing this blog at 2am!

In 4 hours the three of us are going to take the rental car from the hotel to Crossover (hopefully).  Mind you, it's been 3 years since I have taken this route and never as a driver.  I think I remember how to get there but we will see.  The experience we will meet will be nothing short of overwhelming.  Jim can vouch for it.       There are no words for it.  We will keep a video to help explain what we mean to these beautiful, happy kids.  I will try to post around 2pm EST later today (7pmEST)

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